Start overcoming your challenges and helping others today

Over tens of thousands of people have used our program to prevent and overcome depression, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, and many other challenges. Get unlimited chat and access to our community for free. If you want to join our clinically validated online program or become a peer yourself, there are two simple pricing options.

Our program is as effective as talk therapy


Our online program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT. During our most recent randomized control clinical trial, people reduced their symptoms of depression as much as would be expected from talk therapy. Learn more about our the science behind the program here.

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Helping others can boost your recovery

Our whole eco-system is based on helping others. Once you enroll into our program, you get points for contributing in our community. Answer questions from users or chat with others. You can take many different roles and earn points for doing so. Learn more here [Link to my roles page] and like we said above, Users that are motivated and dedicated to helping others can earn significantly more in rewards then the cost of their membership.

Earn more than you spend


iPrevail is a Pay-to-play model. What does it mean? Put simply, you have to pay a low monthly cost to be part of our eco-system, but you get points for everything you do which are redeemable for real gift cards like The more you do the more you earn, and you can earn significantly more than your monthly membership fee. How does this make sense? it's simple: doing what is good for us and/or helps others sometimes takes discipline, work and focus. Even though many have great intentions, not everyone follows through. For those who do, the ones who don’t essentially subsidize your responsible and motivated behavior. Don't believe, us, give it a try with 7 days money back guarantee.

Start overcoming your challenges and helping others today